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Artificial Tree & Plant Consultants

The Shajara team can assist your project or home with selection of products from our range of ‘off the shelf’ products or our bespoke products such as trees, artificial green walls and project services.

Utilising a wealth of knowledge and experience, the Shajara team can assist you with any of your artificial tree or plant needs.

We manufacture & supply bespoke artificial trees and luxury artificial plants.

We use a combination of natural and artificial materials during manufacturing to ensure that our products are ultra realistic in appearance and also when someone gets close and touches the product.


Our mission at Shajara stems from the deep satisfaction that we get from helping to make astonishing spaces.

Whether it’s an area of your home or a luxurious hotel lobby, our attention to elegance and quality remains the same. The Shajara team will always work tirelessly to support you in producing iconic spaces.

Shajara has a strong consultative ethic towards the way that we work and enjoy nothing more than to listen and absorb your requirements so that we can support you through to successful progression of your projects.


Quality can sometimes be subjective, but for Shajara we see it quite simply as providing an unrivaled product and service alongside an ethical approach to working with our customers.

Ultimately the products that we create revolve mainly around mimicking nature as closely as possible and this is always our main goal. Shajara invest passionately in product development and each of our items are the result of many hours of meticulous labor and research.

The subject of quality doesn’t end when manufacturing is completed, and the tree, plant or green wall goes onto a project. Shajara couple all products with a generous warranty and also with a close eye on further safety with our Fire Safe and Sun Safe creations.


Fire Safe items are manufactured using materials that are inherently safer against the spread of fire. This is coupled with the necessary test certificates from the appropriate governing bodies.

Sun Safe

Sun Safe allows our customers to take the leap, where necessary or required, of using artificial products in an outdoor environment. This allows us to supply products with an anti-fade warranty, even in the often brutal Middle East climate.


Not many words describe our team better than passion. A combination of many years of experience and a deep affection for helping people is well embedded into the DNA of our team.

We don’t want you to meet the team through some photos on our website, we encourage you to actually meet our team so please contact us here…

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