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Sun Safe & Fire Safe

Fire Resistant Plants

Shajara products that are marked Fire Safe are inherently fire resistant plants. This is not a spray application and does not require re-application. Fire Safe materials are utilized during the manufacturing of these artificial plants which allows us to provide them with a lifetime warranty on the Fire Safe element of the product.

Fire Safe products are tested by a Civil Defense approved laboratory

Sun Resistant Plants

Shajara products that are marked Sun Safe have been manufactured using high grade materials which are UV stabilised and have a significant reduction in colour fade due to UV exposure (Sunlight or direct sunlight).

Sun resistant plants are suitable for outdoor use and are supplied with a 2 year Sun Safe warranty.


What are fire resistant plants?

Fire resistant plants or Sun resistant plants are a crucial addition to your landscape, offering heightened protection against fires. Our Artificial Plants possess characteristics that make them less susceptible to ignition, enhancing overall safety and security.

What are the advantages of fire resistant plants?

  • From any ignition sources or flames, fire resistant plants do not ignite.
  • The fire retardant plants act as a physical heat barrier to the heat blast coming through.
  • The moisture content in the tissues of the leaves of these plants is enough to stop the fire.

How sun resistant plants differ from normal plants?

Sun resistant plants or UV resistant plants contain chemical absorbers and stabilizers which protect the plants color and structural integrity against the sun’s UV rays. Normally most of the artificial plants may fade or discolor when exposed to sunlight.

Do fire resistant plants require special care?

Fire resistant plants typically don’t require special care such as regular maintenance like cutting or watering. Enjoy the beauty of Fire Resistant Plants indoors without the bother of maintenance.

Can I use fire resistant artificial plants indoors?

Yes, you can use fire resistant artificial plants indoors for safety. Ensure they meet fire safety standards and enjoy worry free decoration. Fire Resistant Plants provide peace of mind indoors.

How to maintain fire resistant plants?

Maintaining fire resistant artificial plants is simple. Regularly dust them with a soft cloth or use a gentle spray of water to remove any dust. Avoid placing them near heat for long time. Fire Resistant Plants need minimal care for long lasting.

Do artificial fire resistant plants look realistic?

Yes, artificial fire resistant plants can look quite realistic, imitating the texture, color, and shape of natural foliage. Advanced manufacturing techniques ensure they blend seamlessly into indoor or outdoor settings, providing both safety and aesthetic appeal. Fire Resistant Plants offer realism and peace of mind.

How do fire resistant plants keep your home safe?

  • The fire resistant plants & trees act as a green shield in front of your home and stops the embers from getting to your home.
  • These plants will actually stop the fire from moving through because the amount of moisture in the leaf tissue helps the plant to stop the fire.

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