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Artificial Plants are copies of natural plants used for commercial or residential decoration. Numerous artificial plants are manufactured based on customer needs. When compared to actual plants, they offer more advantages. Therefore, it is preferable to buy artificial plants online after researching their benefits and drawbacks.

Which are better real plants or fake plants?

Artificial Plants are actually the most cost-effective and durable option. Real plants don’t live forever and also need to be maintained well.

Is it safe to keep artificial plants at home?

Yes. Artificial plants are good and safe to keep and won’t do any harm to the energy and vibes of your home.

Where to buy artificial plants online?

If you are looking to buy artificial plants online in UAE, Shajara should be your first choice. At Shajara, we have a wide variety of collections of indoor and outdoor artificial plants designed with real touch quality.

What are the benefits of artificial plants?

Artificial Plants in Dubai offer numerous benefits. They enhance interior aesthetics without requiring sunlight, making them perfect for any space. Buy Artificial Plants Online for a low-maintenance, allergy-friendly option that adds greenery to your home or office effortlessly.

How to care for artificial plants?

Caring for Artificial Plants in Dubai is simple. Keep them dust-free by occasional wiping, and avoid direct sunlight exposure. Buy Artificial Plants Online for a convenient and durable solution, enhancing your space with greenery that demands minimal maintenance.

Do fake plants need water?

No, Artificial Plants don’t need water. Unlike real plants, they thrive without any water requirements, making them a low-maintenance and water-saving decor choice for homes and offices.

How long do fake plants last?

To keep Artificial Plants vibrant, avoid direct sunlight, clean them regularly, and use UV protection sprays. Shielding from harsh weather extends their lifespan and ensures lasting, fade-resistant beauty.

How do you keep fake plants from fading?

Artificial Plants have varying lifespans, influenced by factors like UV treatment, quality, and exposure to sunlight. With proper care and UV protection, they can last 3-8 years or more.

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